Why I Cannot Do Without Carbonite

online-backup-technology-carboniteAs a Carbonite user for the past three years, I’m very satisfied with the services. I can pretty much say that this online backup service is worth it. I have never had to spend extra time to back up my computer files. I like that Carbonite has an automatic setting that can do the backup process by itself.

But the automatic setting is just one good reason why I like Carbonite. After three years with Carbonite, I have experienced all the benefits this particular online backup service provider has to offer. However, I would like to share the benefits that matter to me most.

The Choice Between Manual And Automatic Setting

I’ve already mentioned that Carbonite automatically backs up all the computer files. While this is particular benefit that really amazes me, it’s worth noting that Carbonite also has a manual setting.

With the manual setting, backups can be scheduled. It can be done once a day or at certain times of the day. It’s really just a matter of choosing the setting that suits our needs. In my case, nothing beats the convenience of the continuous backup Carbonite has to offer.

Easy To Restore A File

This is one of the many benefits of Carbonite that really matter to me. I can guarantee that it’s very easy to restore a file with Carbonite. Although I’ve never experienced any major disaster that can totally damage my computer (thank goodness!), I have had to restore files so many times. Such is why I can guarantee how easy it is to restore a file with Carbonite.

In line with this, Carbonite keeps previous copies of files. So no matter how many times I’ve updated and saved a file, I can always refer to the previous copies of any particular file. All I have to do is right-click on the particular file, choose Carbonite from the list of options, and click on “restore previous file.” It’s that easy. I have done it so many times. This particular feature of Carbonite has saved me a lot of time from having to redo any file.

Files Are Encrypted

Carbonite encrypts all the computer files before it transmits them online according to R-Fate.com. This is pretty much the security feature I’m looking for in an online backup service provider. My files are not exposed online and I’m the only one that can access them. Of course, I just really need to protect my password so no one gets into my account.

Since I keep a lot of important files, this security feature really matters to me. Personal documents like passports, bank certificates, and official receipts have to be protected. If other people can easily access such information, my identity may be at risk. The encryption process of Carbonite really gives me peace of mind. That’s very important for me.

It’s Very Affordable

It really matters to me that Carbonite is more affordable with an offer code. I am able to enjoy all the benefits at a fixed annual rate. I don’t have to worry about any surcharges. Once I renew my account, I’m good to go. It fits my budget really well.

Even businesses stand to benefit from Carbonite business solutions, which also very affordable plans which can suit your business needs. More than half a million businesses worldwide trust and use the company’s various business plan offers.

Carbonite, definitely, has more benefits than what I’ve just mentioned. But In my case, these are the benefits that really matter to me. Basically, Carbonite makes it very easy for me to back up and restore a file. At the same time, Carbonite guarantees security and affordability. Those are my reasons as to why I cannot do without Carbonite.